Opuntia spineless cactus pads 🌵(Opuntia Cochenillifera). 

Opuntia "spineless" cactus are a great source of fiber, moisture, calcium as well as multiple vitamins. Contain no spines. Great food source for all tortoise/box turtle species, iguanas, bearded dragons, etc. The cactus pads stay good up to 2 weeks stored at room temp. I have some customers who freeze them and last much longer. The cactus pad quality is grade A. No chemicals or fertilizer. I personally feed it to all my Tortoises 🐢. Payment is PayPal. SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL US ONLY 

Cactus orders will usually ship 5-7 business days after ordering. I wait till I have quite a few orders and pick/package all of it at once. This is simply so it is as fresh as possible so I’m not picking it a couple days before I ship it. 

One pound is generally 4-7 cactus pads. The pad sizes vary just like any produce that is sold by the pound. 


3 pounds is $15 + $15 USPS flat rate = $30

5 pounds is $20 + $15 USPS flat rate = $35

7 pounds is $25 + $15 USPS flat rate = $40

Combine with 12 ounce bag of Mazuri tortoise diet for an additional $10.00. At this time I do not sell Mazuri separately.

This is the original Mazuri tortoise diet (5M21) not the grassland LS version.


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